HOW TO BE PERFECT PARODY – The Sims 4 Gameplay

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20 Responses

  1. TehSyzzler says:

    Super-sized epic lols now in a 2 minute long fun-sized package! Well done,
    Ash! That was too damn funny

  2. Ashlynn Arias says:

    I hope you guys enjoyed this! This video contains my sarcasm, its a joke.
    Long story short, you are PERFECT the way you are and you absolutely need
    to treasure the person you are because there’s no one else in the world
    like you, and that’s pretty special <3

  3. emptyslug says:

    Ashlynn u always make me laugh

  4. ERICG says:

    Wow this is funny and has a good message, awesome video :)

  5. MissesMae says:

    OMG Yes finally! BIG SAGGY TITTIES!

  6. cali bonilla says:

    Lol this video made my day <3

  7. Wendy Renteria says:

    Well i almost peed my pants because i was laughing to hard and my stomach
    felt like it was going to explode ty lol great video

  8. Vanlo Rose says:

    I’m crying this is brilliant hahaha :’)

  9. Corporal TaZe says:

    Get a wii

  10. RebelandEdgy says:


  11. extremepacman55 says:

    I wanna be a carrot

  12. Gaming Girl says:

    Omg xD you have no idea how hard I’m laughing right now!!!!

  13. Fatin Almaroof says:

    Holy shiz ash this the best video ever.

  14. MOE jokers says:

    I cant I just cant like omg I cant even 

  15. Sadika Begum says:


  16. Rene Marin says:

    Kk im call now,,,, what the number again 

  17. MartioGames says:

    This is brilliant xD Well done Ashlynn haha

  18. xxfbermudezxx says:

    I want to look an alien,think you can do that?:p

  19. Simon Rice says:

    I new my boobies enhanced!!!!

  20. Mario Webbs says:

    I love all your vids

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