Five good reasons why – The Sims 4 could suck

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20 Responses

  1. Allie-RX says:

    EA is ruining franchises left and right.

  2. Dms110 says:

    Sims 4 is gonna be Sims2 but with MUCH less shit.
    It’s gonna be the same dissaster that was Watch_Dogs…. Too much damn hype
    goes for this game :L

  3. x4gottenmemoirsx says:

    i wonder how well loading screens will help in 4, i know in sims 3 even
    using my alienware aurora r4 it takes about 45 min to load up my save file,
    which then also takes like 10min just for every time i save, i have to save
    alot too since it crashes from time to time

  4. ZettabyteGamer says:

    The voice sounds different… i don’t like it

  5. D'Man says:

    WTF? They just devolutionize the sims back to stone age

  6. Mateusz Vecchi says:

    i guess we’ll have to stick with Sims 3 i guess 

  7. kankerkaas says:

    R.I.P Sims series, it was fun knowing you. Hopefully I can keep playing 1,
    2 & 3 for as long as possible.

  8. Jonesylmao says:

    Whoever pre-orders this or buys it before reviews come out are absolute
    morons, considering it’s EA and Maxis. You deserve to be disappointed.

    The best case scenario is actually to wait 2 years until all the DLC is on
    sale, so you can buy the full game at the right price.

  9. sebbe öster says:

    I love this game stop hating!

  10. inuyashawave says:

    what the fuck is happening to the sims holy shit, its like going back holy
    shit if anyone buys this game ill honestly be surprised

  11. BlessTheFallenOnes says:

    i love the sims and i really don’t see a problem with the things on this
    list…besides they’ll come out with expansions and fix things we don’t
    like I’m sure so stay positive =) 

  12. nixnaut says:

    I don’t care about the pools just give me my babies D’:

  13. Kreeded says:

    The game is gonna suck! Why else would EA not feel confident to hand out
    copies of The Sims 4 to reviewers? If they knew the game was fun, then
    they would let game sites review their game, watch the 9/10 or even 10/10
    reviews and watch the profits poor in!

    But no! The game is obviously a flop and they don’t want people giving it
    a poor score and hurt it’s sales! EA wants Sims fanboys and fangirls to
    blindly buy this game to cash in as much money as possible before everyone
    starts writing about how bad the game really is after launch!

    See people? Why do you defend a company like EA when many people have
    voted it as WORST COMPANY IN NORTH AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  14. BeenieBomb says:

    Sims 4 looks kind of horrible tbh. Like, scary bad.

  15. kipislekker1 says:

    You allready know that pools and toddlers are going to be dlc’s.

  16. SL75 says:

    Do what you want cuz a pirate is free, you are a pirate!

  17. Tw1s7Gaming says:

    Voice lady, are you sick? Get some rest, hun. 

  18. Nathan Callender says:

    Do any PS4 owners actually like this game?

  19. JeyVGaming says:

    If only they delay the game and scrap the idea of not having all those
    things in the base game i would happily pre-order this if not then im
    pirating this sh*t

  20. inthera says:

    sims 4 suck nuff said

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