First Sims 4 Baby – It’s a Glitch!

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20 Responses

  1. Zach Smith says:

    thats a baby only a mother can love

  2. cooldaddy1998 says:

    Congrats my friend, it has your Eye’s and every screwed up part of
    Great Video.

  3. Leo Paez says:

    congratulations for your SO CUTE baby

  4. Mollie-Mae Gill says:

    this was awesome!

  5. Yoowy says:

    I hope they dont fix this

  6. redknight says:

    That face though

  7. brunettechick1731 says:

    Usually glitches don’t make me laugh this much, but I’m literally cracking
    up!! Reaction was hilarious too!!!!

  8. Elissa Cheramie says:

    Proves forever sims are not humans, but monstrous beasts.

  9. Jessica Dach says:

    This happened to me also. I loved your reaction though ahaha

  10. Rubee Jean Lovegood says:

    I got the same. Click the breastfeed option. It’s HORRIFYING. 

  11. bunnybearme says:

    Your expression; PRICELESS!

  12. ZackVapa says:


  13. ◦ § GameSimmer § ◦ says:

    You should totally do LP’s.

  14. scarlettbaby says:

    LOL! AAAAAHHH!!! Lol the face you made when you first saw the baby was

  15. rachybop says:

    Hahaha, she’s beautiful! ;)

  16. Geiszer Simlab says:

    that’s not a baby that’s…umm.. never mind

  17. Taysheona Brodie says:

    Ohmygod your face was just priceless, I watched it 5 times and it just gets
    funnier and funnier each time. I’m literally crying right now

  18. YakoniOMG says:


  19. Nathan Krisher says:

    They’re BAAAACCKKK I remember the same thing when Sims 3 Pets were
    released. The animals looked like stringy sock puppets

  20. Chelsea Nooner says:

    Happened to me too.

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