First Kiss!! “Sims 4” Ep.11

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20 Responses

  1. Mr. Cureless says:

    No destiny I wanna play it when it comes out no watch it

  2. Jack Re says:

    Yes Destiny!

  3. chickensplayminecraft says:

    Yes distiny

  4. Andrew Allen says:


  5. Mikaela Tyrka says:

    No destiny!!! YES MINECRAFT 

  6. MCBdog U says:

    i hate destiny

  7. Isaac Meza says:

    Oh and more newly weds modded or I’ll unsuscribe

  8. Apache y0 says:

    Destiny Please 🙂

  9. FifaGamer says:

    my sims 4 keeps on crashing

  10. wesmaster9 gameing says:

    ok i would make a suggestion could you make them longer sooooo yeah i don’t
    like when they end so short and then im waiting another day to watch the
    next episode

  11. stevie von der lohe says:


  12. Cerena Ye says:

    No sims pls

  13. Laurcraftxp says:

    no becausei want this to be a sims channel

  14. Fallen Ash says:

    Your choice on Destiny, Your channel, Do what you want to do, It will be
    awesome whether you do it or not because you are doing commentary!

  15. Rose Bud says:

    What’s Destiny? (Go ahead, call me dumb)

  16. Dorian Houston says:

    I dont even no what destiny is but I would say yes destiny

  17. AviatorGamez says:

    So what do you guys think of me doing two videos a day? One Sims and one
    something else?

  18. james willam says:

    no destiny

  19. Likeapause says:

    Yes destiny!

  20. Cameran Lambert says:

    Yes destiny

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