Derp Fitness! (The Sims 4: YouTube Edition!)

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20 Responses

  1. Shadow Max says:

    You should really remove that bed that you have in the room with the
    computer and turn it into a proper computer room. What I have seen with
    other lets players is even if some do cheat it is only on the money and
    properly setting up the house (What we want to see is how you control your
    sims and how they interact with the world they are in).

  2. Sinuix says:

    darude – sandstorm

  3. MidnightFireMC says:

    I love this series! Keep up the good work!

  4. MaddiRoseCook says:

    Your audio has been weird. It sounds really… sharp, but in a bad way; It
    hurts my ears.

    Now onto commenting on the actual video: Smarty’s cheating on his Derp
    Fitness. Working out then eating a hotdog? A+, Smarty.

  5. raccoonbandit77 says:

    Make chilled back into a criminal!

  6. Timothy Bisson says:


  7. ZeRoyalViking says:

    We begin our workouts!

  8. Emiliano Beltran says:

    I would make a James Bond character for funzies, I’d be cool

  9. ⇂ɹǝʇsıɯʞɔoɹqɹǝdns says:

    This series is just so good! Makes a shitday just a bit better :)

  10. Chris Xiong says:

    Add the Creatures :DDD

  11. Joe Mama says:


    “dat butt tho”

  12. kizitosan says:

    Woot more then 1 Sims 4 vid a day :D

  13. Slay says:

    There he is, instead of doing Derp Fitness he’s making his sims exercise.
    Then again, I’m just sitting here, watching Youtube…

  14. Genki Noshi says:

    for some reason, I’m reminded of the episode in 6teen where Jude creates a
    virtual world version of the mall and everyone in it as I watch ze…..I
    hope someone else knows what 6teen is and the episode I’m talking about D:

  15. TM Tobin says:

    Why do I feel like this is an accurate representation of the Derp Crew at
    the gym?

  16. Dinoclaw says:

    Make Sp00n!!!

  17. Uber Charge says:

    Ze, can you play sim city?

  18. Heather Ann says:

    Out of all the Sims 4 lets plays going on right now, I find this one the
    most entertaining. Who’s the next youtuber being added?

  19. DamuEmran says:

    I wish ze would make Matt,pat,woolie and liam from Two best friends play
    aka The Best friends zaibatsu as his next youtubers. 

  20. Di11Pi11 says:

    I return again to comment about sharts….chilled’s deep v at the gym tho

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