Creating the Bromance! (The Sims 4: YouTube Edition!)

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20 Responses

  1. Yam says:

    I didn’t know Ze was Leonardo DiCaprio… The more you know :3

  2. Taylor ⊙︿⊙ says:

    “He’s got a lot of big…big things” oh my god

  3. Problem949 says:

    Does anyone who plays the sims 4 have to put that Sponsored by R(EA)NKU

  4. Teqnical says:

    I dont watch pewdiepie but you should make him with that bro trait lol

  5. Aaron Fiala says:

    No don’t fuel the fanfics

  6. Queen Sarcasm says:

    Add a Creature every session! 

  7. IttzAndrew says:

    Make a Lucahjin Sim!

  8. Maggie Snowe says:

    Chilled plays Sims 4 and messes with the Boobs.
    Ze plays Sims 4 and messes with the Ass.

  9. Tom says:

    I want to see chilled’s reaction to this.

  10. DeltaPie says:


  11. Warpig70 says:

    <--- DO THIS GUY

  12. yrgfd3 says:

    did EA sponsor everyone on youtube every sims 4 vid I click on it says
    sponsored by EA not that there is anything wrong with but damn EA wants
    this thing to sell

  13. XajakXx says:

    We need GaLm and Smarty.

  14. Zakading says:

    You better throw in a Creature or two. You’re really not playing enough
    stuff with those guys lately so you should at least do that.

  15. kizitosan says:

    Damn Ze you gave yourself some massive shoulders o-o, are they really that

  16. Josselyn Dreams says:

    RIP Ze’s freckle. You will be missed.

  17. ISuperDoctor09 says:

    Ze enjoys flipping the camera off.. very nice. We appreciate your love, Ze.

  18. davi atella says:

    did anyone notice that at 9:55 his sim looked a lot like jacksecepticeye

  19. ZeRoyalViking says:

    The Sims 4: YouTube edition is here!

  20. TM Tobin says:

    Chilled is noticeably skinnier than that, at least these days he is.

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