Creating GaLm & Smarty!

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20 Responses

  1. Destiny Weldon says:

    first? maybe?idk if the comments have loaded yet?

  2. Zakading says:

    I’d love to see Kootra or Diction next.
    Kootra would be pretty easily added aswell, since he could just upload the
    character he made himself and Diction would just be fun to have in.

  3. Adam Zieba says:

    Who is teh black guy?

  4. TheRambo says:

    Chilled is getting fat lol

  5. michaelu1019 says:

    I feel so dumb… I thought GaLm was hispanic not black…

  6. Filipe Cantante says:

    Next ones should be Tom and The Creatures(mainly Seamus)

  7. Dastardly Dinosaur says:

    Those characters are actually extremely accurate xD

  8. Shadowprince116 says:

    Should’ve named him GaLm Sondoman

  9. AnotherNerdGuy says:

    Hope to see Tom get in!

  10. TheBananaThug says:

    WHy are you even in the creatures

  11. ZeRoyalViking says:

    GaLm and Smarty join us!

  12. SuperZMAN555 says:

    You had a chance to make Smarty a midget and you blew it

  13. voteZDLR says:

    It’s actually kind of creepy how accurate those are.

  14. WarthogRacer says:

    The fanfics, THE FANFICS!

  15. EliteCreeperKiller says:

    You should add the creatures,add them in your vids somehow,ya know,since
    you NEVER DO.

  16. tehShampoo says:

    What about tom? Did you forget about him Ze?

  17. frozensolid1000 says:

    Ze did you upload the derp crew to the Gallery? Other people might wanna
    play with them… Ok that was creepy.

  18. MaddiRoseCook says:

    I think you were a little too close to the microphone this episode. No
    biggy though. Anyways, it’s nice to see when someone was offended that you
    apologized instead of telling them “Don’t get offended so easily!” or

  19. Trexmaster12 says:

    Now you’ll know how much fan service you’ll have to do.
    And spoiler alert: it’s more than just creating them or be “just friends”.

  20. Moreps says:

    0:56 GaLm looks like lee from the walking dead

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