Crazy Grandma!! “Sims 4” Ep.115

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50 Responses

  1. Kyah Beckles says:

    #crazygrandma also u know you don’t have a room for Carmen to stay in 

  2. human beauty says:

    you couldnt place the bed in that spot because of the window its dumb
    that,that happens.

  3. Julie McGee says:

    Get alana a boy friend and make a baby

  4. george lanting says:

    How much likes do we have to get up to

  5. Jumbomuffin13 says:

    Why are you so desperate to get likes? You only care about money not your
    fans and stuff.

  6. Ish Joshi says:


  7. xFLYbutSHYx says:

    Alana is mother fucking sexy

  8. jaricko foster says:

    try the cheat motherode plz 

  9. jaime-lynn klingbile says:

    Please change Jewels appearance

  10. Yatra Karki says:

    New money suite and tie I make all the tables turn – make everyone were
    expensive clothes 

  11. John Sexton says:

    I loved the last house because it was nice and big and pretty but when I
    saw this house I LOVED IT it’s so homey and I think it’s great!!!:)))

  12. Cora Burtram says:

    Change Alana and jewels rooms because jewel has a bigger bedroom which is
    not fair since Alana is an adult not jewel 

  13. teja belec says:

    #crazy grandma

  14. Ohh It's Makeup says:

    I think you should get a new house since you have more money 

  15. Ebony Lewis says:

    can u change jewels appearance

  16. Jayden Jones says:


  17. yul qu says:

    I like that house but when this generation is over who are you going to
    follow the twins or jewel? My opinion is to follow three off them but in a
    good house and jewel gets married have kids and so do the twins !! You
    should make dream guys for the twins that would be so cute and jewel please
    change her hair and her outfit and make her loose weight make her really
    know maybe she can be a celebrity if they have that career

  18. John Sutton says:

    Why do you take money off of the other family members. The best part of
    starting out in the sims/sims life is that your not rich and you have low
    quality everything, and then as the game progresses you receive more and
    more. Whats fun starting a new generation when the have 100000+ simeoleons
    when the move into their first home. Its silly so to some up. NO MORE MONEY

  19. Hunter Harrison says:

    he cheated he had infinite money when he was changing the house

  20. Siavash Sadeghi says:

    I loved Carmen when she was young MAKE HER YOUNG

  21. hoursgoby says:

    I’m not trying to be mean but I think you should ditch Alanna because then
    you can have the twins have their own rooms

  22. Jaden Small says:

    No you shouldnt move. With all the jobs everyone has, you are making it by 

  23. GamerBoy T-Bone says:


  24. Graycee Goddard says:

    i dont ever want your series to end #crazygrandma

  25. Claire Arundel says:

    Love the new house

  26. Emma Styles says:

    why does he say foyer like that? I laugh every time he says it. 

  27. Mason R says:

    jeez your horrible at decorating

  28. Thomas Barnard says:

    Please do sims 3 vidoes again plz. I miss them. There are some things in
    the sims 3 that were better than in the sims 4 

  29. Eliza b says:


  30. Laura Stars says:

    Can you please use their names instead of calling them ‘the twins’. I know
    it’s just sims, but believe it or not they’re separate. Nothing’s more
    annoying than sharing your identity.

  31. Charlize Clifford says:

    Age up neptune and the other twin….i forgot what the other twins name is

  32. Allen Boyd says:

    Oh my …..the harsh things people are saying. Some dnt realize that just
    how some people play there games. We do have an influence but its to a
    certain extent. But his personality does show on his game play aka the
    matching things complusviely.But your not going to like everything. So with
    that being said get over it and move on. Take care :)

  33. Funmi Henry says:


  34. rose33 says:

    Yea he only cares about Victoria and her life he doesnt like Alan he turns
    all eyes tl Victoria and not Alan 

  35. Hannah L says:

    i know the sims is just a game and i respect that, but come on, man. You
    make Alana do almost all of the work and she gets treated like garbage. You
    keep saying “They are materialistic Cali girls” but do you really think a
    materialistic Cali girl would want to do all the work, get no credit, and
    be treated less? I mean, really? Jewel is a teenager and was only here for
    a few episodes, whereas Alana was one of the people who started this
    generation and you dont treat her as such! You say you dont pick favorites,
    but i think thats a lie youre telling that even you are starting to
    believe. Is it because Victoria is blood related to Zach that you pick her
    more? oh wait that cant be it since you did the same thing with Julia, even
    though she technically got the better room, that isnt the point. You didnt
    even try that hard to get Julia married whereas every other episode you had
    Marshall and Carmen seeing each other. With Julia all you had her do was
    her morning routine, paint, work, paint more, go to bed, and when you think
    about it, that really does make up a majority of her adult life. Alana
    shouldnt turn out the way Julia did – alone. You barely even had Julia and
    Alana talk to each other. Marshall was the star, and Julia was tossed aside
    even though they were blood related siblings. Same thing is happening here.
    Victoria, Zeph, Jewel, Nebula, and Crystal get treated like royalty
    meanwhile Alana is nothing more than one of those robot butlers!

  36. Kat says:

    Why are you giving Alana the small bedroom and Jewel the bigger one that’s
    not fair

  37. Skittlez Lewis says:

    Yes! You moved! Please Change Jewels hair!

  38. Dallas Mckithen says:

    You really don’t treat people fair in this series never allowing the other
    family members to Be spotlight it’s always that one special person. And I
    hate how u keep having these kids and you won’t even treat then right which
    is just a waste don’t have all these kids and people in the house when u
    barely take care of the when u decorate u shouldn’t match
    everything it’s tacky and ugly and makes me pissed off u are suppose to
    contrast. Two recent examples the all red room, you should’ve had black and
    red and a red tissue box red mirror blah blah . And you made. Those end
    tables blue like the wall it’s tacky they should’ve been white or something
    to contrast +AviatorGamez 

  39. Sammie Cai says:

    You don’t even care about alana, you dont give a fuck about her. Your just
    treating her like Julia, she just works her ass off, comes home and sleeps
    so basically her schedule is wake up eat work sleep. 

  40. Nichole and Ann says:

    make someone sleep under the stairs and mistreat them

  41. telmav says:

    Just a little something I’ve noticed is that throughout the series
    preferential treatment has been given to the “first borns,” technically
    Alana is older because she was adopted as a child when Victoria was still a
    baby but Victoria joined the family first. Anyway to get to my point,
    Marshall got a girlfriend then got married and had kids. Julia kind of had
    a boyfriend, had to adopt a child because that didn’t happen, got engaged
    but never got to marry even though she pretty much made the majority of the
    money in the house, not to mention poor John who got forgotten in the mix.
    Victoria got a boyfriend right off the bat and is now married with 3 kids.
    Alana has had 2 flings and doesn’t seem like she will be having any
    children of her own. It’s been a great series in all, and I think You’ve
    done a great job with it. However, I will say I prefer Alana over Victoria.
    She’s got more of the Cassandra look with the dark hair which reminds me of
    the original generation. All the kids now are ending up with blonde hair
    and are more like mini Carmens. Nothing against blondes though. Just a
    thought, since the family has way more money now and I believe quite a bit
    of room on the lot, perhaps you may consider building Alana a separate
    room/bathroom out back, kind of like a guest house thing so she has some of
    her own space.
    Okay, rant over…carry on lol

  42. Awkward Alex says:

    The room set-up isn’t fair. Alana is older than Jewel therefore the bigger
    room should go to her.

  43. Madison Esmond says:

    That is so rude giving Alana the smallest room in the house

  44. Rez 5o1st says:

    Aviator could you do at least 1 episode of The Sims3 each day?Or however
    you want it

  45. TheDell01 says:

    Why did Alana get that small ass bedroom? You have all that backyard space
    to build her her own living area since you don’t really pay attention to

  46. Magestic Ocolot says:


  47. Madison Heppe says:

    Have Jewel and Alana switch bedrooms and get rid of the door to the
    bathroom in the twins bedroom because they don’t need to have a bathroom
    entrance in their bedroom and leave the door to the outside and Alana’s new
    bedroom. #crazygrandma 

  48. Dawsonator says:


  49. Marely Irizarry says:

    thanks for these vids you make my day everyday im in my subscriptions and
    wait for these vids

  50. Madison Gunderway says:

    The house is to small especially the upstairs the rooms are to small for
    Alana and jewel 

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