Brotherly Love!! “Sims 4”

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20 Responses

  1. N. Kael W. F. says:

    just got sims four ur in it aviaor

  2. Awesomewolfpic says:

    your mom died due she was gong to use it i believed you told her to use it
    then you told tyson to use it so tyson rushed in there right as she was
    about to enter

  3. Ryan Groom says:

    brutherly love

  4. Rush Clark says:

    When you move out sell everything you’ll get a lot of money

  5. DRG Gaming says:

    brotherly love

  6. A Jay says:

    Brothy love

  7. Jorjak1209 says:

    I know what happens when teen sims ‘Mess around’

  8. MCBandit1109 says:

    Brotherly Love!

  9. Dominic Griffiths says:

    Zack plz do another there’s no other good sims series

  10. Carissa Bond says:

    Fusstrated XD thaaaaaaaat’s adorable

  11. Adrian K says:

    What’s your brothers youtube Chanel

  12. Isaac Meza says:

    Play destiny

  13. AviatorGamez says:

    We are truly really growing up fast! Only a few more episodes until we are

  14. Xmc_QueenX says:

    Brotherly love

  15. CollegeBaby17 says:

    Brotherly love. Btw, I was the one who told him about the emotional aura
    lamps in one of Zach’s livestream. #justsaying

  16. AnaReece Weston says:

    I wish i could get the sims 4

  17. Alex Rahali says:

    I know it’s weird but marry cass now

  18. OldGuinness02 says:

    You can hack funds when it says something on the PC which is a way of income

  19. Rita Devicora says:

    Brotherly Love! <3 Awww 😛 You are doing awesome at grinding their skills

  20. igetmoneyx27 says:

    Anyone notice he spends more time on his character thats why his mom peed
    on herself

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