Breaking The Sims 4

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20 Responses

  1. malaketh says:

    That gnome is praising the sun like a champ

  2. kevokoma says:

    Has anyone ever made a movie with the sims. using gameplay. Voiced them.

  3. VideoGamerTV says:

    It seems almost a shame to fix this.

  4. HamSupZhai says:

    Is it just me or is there a lack of initial amount of furniture available.
    Is it unlocked as you progress in the game? Or is the rest going to be DLC

  5. Kazuma Kiryu says:

    It’s already broken as shit 

  6. whyhatestrangers says:

    Oh, intercourse the penguin!

  7. Drake Winters says:

    are you intentionally saying press-ups instead of push-ups or is that a
    British thing?

  8. Duckboy Jacob says:


  9. isorSOT says:

    Damn, I just wish same excellent sim editor was implemented in Sims 3, just
    so that I wouldn’t have to play lackluster Sims 4.

  10. KamenRiderBlackSun says:

    Make a Giant Toilet so we can dumb this shitty game

  11. Holodrone says:

    “I was working up to it you imp!”

  12. Kaito .Link says:

    its the classic gnome cheat just on a grander scale lol

  13. Robert Taylor says:

    The thumb nail is a bit of a spoiler.

  14. matthew smith says:

    Not gonna lie, your doctor Who character kind of looks like michael jackson

  15. Ang badang says:

    Since watching this video I have already bought the entire stock of B&Q and
    started building the frame of the world’s biggest gnome on top of my house.

  16. Noah French says:

    Jim sounds so incredibly happy in this… it’s contagious :D

  17. HipDadSimulator says:

    i think im one of the only people that thinks sims 4 is great

  18. GuestOfGregoryHouse says:

    Love how you’ve given Matt Smith a Jimmy Hill chin

  19. Wehttamman says:

    Chris only thinks he’s the fire martial? Jesus wept!

  20. SenorFluffyNipples says:

    I am really hoping a good game company creates a sims style game so that we
    can get away from EA

    EDIT: As EA once said itself in a better time, challenge everything.

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