A Rocky Life Let’s Play The Sims 4

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20 Responses

  1. Jerome Yankey says:

    Jason Rock- Home wrecker

  2. sandro5493 says:

    Galm, your the best! So many videos so soon in one day! Awesome!

  3. Kareem Rodney says:

    the Goths are back in town ?!?!

  4. Mika Montano says:

    The only thing I hate about GaLm is that he has to end his videos.

  5. Shadow Max says:

    With the size you have the restroom you could alter it and make it into 2
    restrooms side by side with a wall separating the two.

  6. Kareem Rodney says:

    also i have to say bella goth is fine B)

  7. Golgomot says:

    Jimmy sounds just like me when I’m playing the guitar ;(

  8. PlentyofFodder says:

    hmm would jason be the kind of person to go after a married woman? he is
    all about the family after all.

  9. Sargeres says:

    will jason get lucky will jimmy master giutar find out next time on DRAGON
    BALL Z


    Galm needed a chilled chaos patented triple flirt 

  11. FriendlyPlayer123 says:

    *Slaps GaLm*

    Uh oh, I thought you were a criminal…

    *GaLm Slaps me*

    I deserve that…

  12. taylor raulerson says:

    yo galm outtro links in sims vids not working i was not a 100% on if you
    where still doing them but fyi there a no go love vids bro

  13. XajakXx says:

    10/10 GaLm best architect

  14. Sunny saiyoeun says:

    why’s the bathroom so fucking huge again? you going to make a bath house
    out of it?

  15. Wes Stiffler says:

    you know if you mouse over the performance bar in the career category it
    brings up their daily task and if no completed they will never be promoted 

  16. Mel Colquitt says:

    galm you had to play disney

  17. CrusaderX says:

    Galm, besides the house building I’m starting to love this series. Hope you
    continue the series for a long time :D

  18. guineazilla says:

    Galm, may I ask you an off topic question? Besides this one that
    is. Nothing personal, just not related to this video.

  19. TheMcgreary says:

    Oh god the suspense is killing me

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