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6 Responses

  1. Bo de Ruijter says:

    Ja ik heb wel vragen

  2. RBDLgames RBDLgames says:

    1 more question (:

    11.were do you live ( not your address but just country and maybe which
    citty or/and2 state)

  3. cookieface crispy says:

    How old are you 🙂
    And what sims 3 series are you planning to do if any, or just wait for the
    sims 4?

  4. RBDLgames RBDLgames says:

    Well you don’t have any questions yet so I think I’m gonna ask a few
    questions so you have enough question to make a video about and I Wil Also
    share the video with all my friends (:

    Here are the questions

    1.whats your favorite expansion pack (also the
    stuff packs)so far in the sims 3?

    2.which new feature do you like the most that’s added in the sims 4?

    3. Are you gonna play Sims 4 CAS demo soon?

    4. What do you like the most about the sims 3?

    5. What’s your favorite mod in the sims 3? (Can you Please link that mod in
    the description?)

    6.whats your favorite item in the sims 3, if you can pick between all the
    items (+ buy debug items and items that you only can get with cheats)?

    7.do you think it’s disappointing that there will be no toddlers, pools and
    CASt in the sims 4?

    8.How long have you been playing the sims (from all the sims games 1, 2, 3
    and soon 4)?

    9.why did you start a YouTube channel?

    10.why is your YouTube channel called KraqSimmer?

    I hope these are some questions you can answer (:

    Bye! (: (:


    Can u subscribe to me please it would mean alot to me please please can u

  6. Bo de Ruijter says:

    Kijk je winx

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