50 New Facts About The Sims 4

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  1. Jarrad Tatton says:

    Someone pointed out in an explanation I read about load screens never
    getting longer. They got longer in the sims 3, because you had to load a
    world with ALL that new content.

    In sims 4, you’re still only ever loading 1 lot and it’s public space at
    any one time, regardless of the content.

  2. Peter Wagg says:

    In Canada the game comes out on the 2nd too….

  3. iRawss Danbruen says:


  4. Darn Utube says:

    You going to hate me for saying this: But, there will be 11 walk styles
    that I know of in TS4. 9 in the demo. and 2 that aren’t in the demo. That
    will be in the base game. When it is release.

    and a Happy very early Birthday.

  5. Kerry Email says:

    We have the same birthday, yay! Cannot wait for the sims 4 

  6. Faiiry♡ says:

    aw happy early birthday :DD

  7. Spartan12Killer says:

    Are there new careers and more improvement to the careers in the sims 4?

  8. Sydney Sterben says:

    I love your videos! They are very informative about The Sims 4 :)

  9. Daan d says:

    Your video’s are good and pretty proffesional. You deserve more
    views/subsribers. Ps. Sorry for bad grammer. I’m dutch.

  10. GamingGama says:

    What i’m most excited about are the skills, moodlets and emotions. I can’t
    wait for the Sims 4! Unfortunatly im in Portugal so i’ll have to wait a
    little longer but still, I can’t wait.

  11. Matthew Thedford says:

    STILL no toddlers? Are you freaking kidding me?

  12. XviD says:

    really good videos man! I really like how you mix the proffesionalism and
    your personality into you’re videos. Keep up the great work man! Greetings
    from Sweden! :)

  13. Lilli Humphrey says:

    Have to wait 2 more days than u

  14. bella gibbons says:

    You just a brand new subscriber! Awesome video man!

  15. XUrbanGamerX says:

    more stuff are supposed to be added not removed… smh

  16. sean stewart says:

    its sept. 2nd happy bday

  17. Alabout flours says:

    Just 14 i thaught there would be 50 or sumthin…. its nothing i was just
    epecting more

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