5 reasons NOT to buy Sims 4

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  1. clericofchaos1 says:

    yea well sims is one of those franchises I’ve never seen any appeal in, so
    I would say there has never been a sims game worth actually buying. I mean
    really they all look boring as hell and i’d imagine there have never really
    been that many options for character interaction.

  2. What Did I Tell You? says:

    You start out by saying “5 reasons why you should wait to buy sims 4” then
    you bring up the open world. There will never be an open world. Also, you
    can go to other lots in the second world without making a new saved game.
    There aren’t only 5 public lots in the sims 5 like you made it seem. In the
    sims 3 BASE GAME there weren’t tons of different parks and night clubs. -_-
    This video is clearly half assed and not thought out.

    To fix the “oversocialization” Just x out the social action. problem
    solved… How long have you even had this game? It’s pretty obvious you
    don’t really know shit.

  3. Emsaik says:

    I agree, I played the game for 1 or 2 hours, then I got bored, now I’m
    downloading sims 3, it has a lot more possibilities, and things to do.

  4. King F/A says:


  5. Armando Bruno says:

    Just ruining the wanna be first life

  6. IISanctuaryII says:

    It’s a base game. Look at the Sims 3 base IF you played Sims 3 base. It
    lacked alot of stuff aswell. And the stuff it did get was added over 5
    years. That includes the Stuff Packs AND the Expansions to it. Sims 4 is
    still in Base. And anything is subject to change through a simple patch.
    Same thing happened with the Sims 3. Again. It’s a base game. It doesn’t
    have all of the belss and whistles yet. None of the Sims do in base. As for
    the lack of things to do. There’s plenty. The fact you can alter the things
    in the world to cater it to your liking adds more than enough things to do.
    If you seriously cannot find something to do in a Sims game then that’s a
    little worrying in regards to you as a person seeing as well. It’s a Sim..
    game. Game has been out two weeks. Give it time and acknowledge players did
    this exact same crap with the last Sims game. And you can focus them to do
    one thing. Switch off Autonomy.

  7. trashmaster24 says:

    5 Things to say about this video:
    1. The open world really slows down the game and after some time it would
    become a broken mess for most people
    2. People can already make custom clothes so it can’t be that hard to make
    custom items
    3. In The Sims 3 base game there were no nightclubs at all so shut up about
    (By the way have you heard that there is a second town? There is a second
    museum, two bars and a second gym so…)
    4. That has been that way in every Sims game EVER! The only jobs that the
    player could fully control came with The Sims 3 ambitions and this is just
    the base game of The Sims 4!
    5. That’s just part of life and if you want your sim to stop talking to
    someone you can either ask that person to leave or if you control that sims
    then just make them leave the room or stop the interaction
    The Sims franchise is not for everyone and if you don’t like it just don’t
    play it!

  8. Sarah Allan says:

    This was really helpful. I’d gotten bored of Sims after Sims 2, mostly
    because I didn’t know a lot of people who were into it and just never
    bothered with Sims 3. When I heard about all the new feature and amazing
    character customizations, I thought it would be worth buying again but now
    I’m not so sure.

    A lot of the poor parts you displayed looked like what you would see in the
    original sims games. If I wanted those long winded, boring features then
    I’d go back and play those games. At least then I wouldn’t have to rely on
    an expansion pack for something I should already have.

    So thank you ^^ I will wait and see if anything improves.

  9. frankscrank99 says:

    As someone who has been playing and creating content for the Sims 2
    community for 10 years now, I really do concur with this video. Sims 3
    wasn’t great, but in comparison it’s a diamond to this piece of cheap… It
    just goes to show with EA it’s Less and less in the game, costing more and
    more to buy.

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