The Sims 4 Create A Sim | The Bad Boy | Khol Foss

The Sims 4 Create A Sim | The Bad Boy | Khol Foss

{Open Me} Don’t Forget To Rate *Please* ➦ Meet Khol, he is not your average bad boy. He is a beast who can’t be tamed! He is a wild one for sure!! Don’t expect him to be there when you…


  1. Damiano Iacopetta says:

    Jenn you did a really good job on this sim!

  2. CreateaSimmerxx says:

    Ugh. So dreamy! I wish he had of been available before I started my
    bachelorette LP! He would have crushed the competition, but probably
    crushed it in all the wrong ways for all the wrong reasons!

  3. Snow Berry says:

    Him and Amelia should date. 

  4. Whitey28 says:

    Gorg boo! 

  5. Be a BOSS says:


  6. MK Hobson says:

    I can totally see him being the brother of, or even the son of, Diego.

  7. NViousone says:

    such a yummy sim can’t wait to see the babies he will make

  8. Jessica Robison says:

    #Kholliana When Lily becomes and adult, I ship these!

  9. kitty cat says:

    love him!

  10. rebella discross says:
  11. Gabby Evans says:

    Can’t lie he is cute lol

  12. Simply Amonique says:

    oooh man candy 

  13. Mimi-Rhea says:

    Fun Fact: The name Khol means “cabbage” from German or “black” from Old
    Anyways, he looks great! Super handsome! <3

  14. Simproved says:

    I like the tattoos… 

  15. aly jones says:

    He reminds me of a sim that I made. LOL! I love u 

  16. YMCMBLover100 says:

    im in love with the Khol Khol

  17. brianna adams says:

    Such a babe

  18. Jennifer Gutierrez says:


  19. XUrbanSimsX says:

    The THIRST is real ladies and gents 🙂 HAHA. Glad you guys like him :D

  20. Viv Chong says:

    sohot! And those poses in the end THO, that did it for me gurl. I need a
    Khol in muh life!

  21. Daniela Helou says:

    Oooooh damn! That awkward moment when you crush on a sim. Like… really
    hard. HAHAH
    Awesome job, Jenn! Definitely gonna add this fine man to my game :)

  22. otashu says:

    He’s quite the fine one

  23. Cierra Harris says:

    I feel like a Lets Play series is necessary for this sim

  24. MarkiPewdie PopCus says:

    Instant download from the looks of the thumbnail XD 

  25. Cierra Harris says:

    Love love LOVE him!

  26. CharmingDelinquent says:

    Love it! I just can’t stand the scarf shirt. I don’t understand why people
    like that shirt so much! Es so not something a guy would wear, lol, but
    he’s amazingly stunning. Hopefully someone can tame that badboy. 

  27. Shianne Applewhaite says:

    So cute Jenn just wanted to say keep doing what ur doing u make my day a
    whole lot better when I see ur videos 

  28. Ariana Janae says:

    I love him! ❤❤❤

  29. Saffize Plays... says:

    Ooh la la! Eeesh! I need this sim in my life! (Makes Simself in
    anticipation 😉 )

  30. reeciie ree says:

    Love it!

  31. Audrey A says:

    He is so cute, if he was real i would date him.

  32. JaySims says:

    You should use him for your get to work lp. Give him the cop career and
    make him not follow the rules.

  33. XUrbanSimsX says:

    New CAS, What a babe! Leave him some love :)

  34. SimsFan4ever Simmer says:

    Oh my I can’t wait to play with him. 

  35. DANIELA G. F. says:

    +XUrbanSimsX I’m getting sims 4 soon, and I wanted to know if it works on
    macbook air 11 inch. If you know can you tell me? Oh and great CAS! :)

  36. ITS_11:53_PM OMGG says:

    weird that im falling for a pixelated man lol but its life I guess xD sim
    world makes us all go crazy

  37. Gloria Fonseca says:

    +XUrbanSimsX i think that he should end up with Fae. She’s a really good
    girl, and what better to have opposites atract!

  38. miner49er MB says:

    Is he gonna be in a new lp like i think you should make a cute lady to go
    with him

  39. Moon Simmer says:

    I love the name Jace & Jax for bad boy names. (:

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