The Sims 4 Create A Sim | Barbie Gates.

The Sims 4 Create A Sim | Barbie Gates.

{Open Me} Don’t Forget To Rate *Please* ➦ It’s BARBIE BISH! Since I was a little girl, I loved barbie! Probably why I am such a huge sims addict to date! Here is the famous Barb in SIMS…


  1. Cordelia Uyanwah says:

    Can you please try to do Nicki Minaj I would love it if you made her and
    uploaded her to the gallary so I could download her and use her in a
    challenge of mine. I would make her myself but I tried once and I looked

  2. Sulamita Livramento says:

    Do Shelley Hennig next or Barbies sisters: Chelsea, Stacey and Skipper

  3. Alicia Martinez says:

    Do you mind creating a Biracial sim? (black and white). You ALWAYS make
    Caucasian sims, not that it’s a problem. You should create an african
    american sim too… Change it up a bit. Love ya Jen! <3

  4. jojohaikey says:

    Don’t Hate

  5. Xtina says:

    I think that her lips are a just a little too plump for the barbie look .
    And where’s the big poofy golden hair? lol I’ve always loved barbie as
    well, she’s such a 90’s icon.

  6. xXBrittany20Xx says:

    My mom collects barbies.

  7. Cierra Harris says:

    noticed it before! The CC you use is amazing and I can never find it! Soooo
    glad you put it in the description!!! 😀 

  8. Hannah Bear says:

    Does downloading cc and mods effect your computer? 

  9. Anna Papish says:

    and your really good at making sims

  10. Akhira H. says:

    As a kid, I owned every single Barbie that ever came out! That explains why
    I’ve been addicted to the sims since I was 10 years old…and I’m 20 now,
    lol. Thanks Jen! Love her already, lol. 

  11. Aimee Czarnatowicz says:

    By uploading your mods folder it is unfair to the cc creators. We work
    extremely hard on what we make and we do not get paid to do so. It’s
    breaking most of their TOU’s as well. Linking the CC to their download page
    would be the better thing to do.

    People it’s not hard to go on tumblr and use the tag s4cc. C’mon now. 

  12. Aurora Anderson says:

    Jenn, your so create and wonderful. I really look up to you and appreciate
    you uploading everyday
    Love, Aurora

  13. Amanda Palmer says:

    I have downloaded cc before a lot and when I tried to download all your I
    just dragged and did what I normally do when I download cc individually.
    And it didn’t add anything to my game how do I do it? HELPPPP:((((

  14. Elodie Warren says:

    Loved Barbie? STILL love, love, love barbie!

  15. Jim Lilly says:

    Can you create Elsa because I saw like a braid in the hairs.

  16. Nell Wyn82 says:

    I loved Barbies as a kid too and I think I was initially drawn to the sims
    as I saw them as pixilated barbies 😀 The good thing is, at my age, it’s
    still acceptable to play with pixilated barbies lol

  17. Strawberry Gurl says:

    Is the mod folder for sims 4 or sims 3?

  18. kattieel80 says:

    When you put that ponytail on her I was like dang that looks just like the
    Barbies I had and I had tons. But I think Barbies boobs are a lil
    bigger….LOL just sayin

  19. Lauren Eubanks says:

    Barbie is life I’m 11 and still play with them

  20. Ilivepuppys says:

    I LOVED barbies so much, I really loved everything when I was a kids such
    as stuffed toys anything I could create a story to and I would be playing
    for like 6 hours making voices and such, this is when I was around 6 and I
    stopped at 12ish yeah I played with toys when I really should of stopped
    but I really loved the stories I could make with them. so yeah I loved
    barbies and my favourite was the pregnant barbie that also came with Ken
    and the little boy in the stroller you could take out and a fake bellie you
    could fit the baby into, I always made her give birth every time I played
    so barbie gave birth like 100 times ouch.

  21. Danielle Zielinski says:

    Maybe try Cinderella, Katniss, Tris , Annie, and just other movie
    characters! :)

  22. kraidees2 says:

    get the “get to work” expansion pack and do a LP Please!!!

  23. caitlyn bunn says:

    Literally looks so much like Gigi Gorgeous!! I love it!!

  24. NellyIsEpic 0404 says:

    BOOTIFUL!! Loving all the girly/Barbie uploads! ❤️

  25. Nicki Max says:

    When I was a kid Barbs were life

  26. Heavynn O. says:

    You should make ken and start a Barbie lp!

  27. XUrbanSimsX says:

    It’s BARBIE! Leave her some luv below, and tell me what CAS would you like

  28. GirlySimmer1 says:

    Amazing! Looks exactly like Barbie ❤️

  29. SugarSims says:

    I miss the sims 3 videos :(

  30. WaterLillyxo says:

    When I was a kid I actually took over our guest room with Barbie houses and
    dolls, I still have a bin full of dolls that I can’t bring myself to get
    rid of ^.^

  31. Chappy Choodles says:

    Some of those outfits looked absolutely nothing like Barbie like the party
    one deligracy’s barbie SIM is ten times better than that one but I still
    think your SIM is cute just not as Barbie

  32. Rously Rivera says:

    Hi so i have the sims 4 and i notice how alot of people get custom content
    can anyone tell me how i can get custom stuff ??

  33. Mary Kal says:


  34. BooLetsPlay says:

    I have a problem that when I use custom content hair that it turns blue.
    Does anyone know how to fix that?

  35. XoSydNiXo says:

    She looks like a Barbie but not THE Barbie

  36. ciara_love23 says:

    if you did not can you do a how to download custem content plz

  37. darthvannah says:

    Loved this! Absolutely perfect Barbie Sim. Love your videos! x

  38. GamingMermaid says:

    Barbie was my childhood obsession! She looks exactly like her <3

  39. Myah Makana says:

    This was great! After you said it was fun to make different body types, I’d
    absolutely LOVE if you made a plus size sim. I’m not very good at doing
    that and I don’t see many create a sims like that, so it’d be nice to see
    you make something along those lines (:

  40. GamerGirlsNetwork says:

    Barbie looks fabulous! Who didn’t like Barbie? I had the motor home and I
    played the heck out of that thing. I played with it so much that the decals
    in the inside peeled off and I had to tape them on. So many good

  41. Sophia Alvarez says:

    I loved this. So beautiful!!! This always makes my day when I see that you
    posted something!

  42. rsmeuemo says:

    The CAS background is too pink for my taste. :))
    Everything that is pink is too pink for my taste… but I love your Sims
    Let’s Plays. :*
    Much love from Romania. :)

  43. MySimsAddiction says:

    She looks just like a Barbie!! So fun, love you Jenn!(:

  44. Sims Forever says:

    Hi, I also just made a CAS, anyone would wanna check it out? It a Kylie
    Jenner CAS. 

  45. Jinelle0212 says:

    i played with barbies n such with my childhood friend…a guy who had
    um…a little violent ideas xD so our plays were basically smacking each
    others barbies n toys…oh happy times e.e

  46. Jake Lefort says:

    Does anyone realize her name is BARBERA ROBERTS

  47. Xitchee says:

    I loved Barbie and Bratz. 🙂 Good memories! :)

  48. TheMossy66 says:


  49. Kristi Clapp says:

    How do you get the CC into your game?

  50. Strikerach Games says:

    She looks like a doll! I love her, Jenn ♥

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