Sims 4 Room Build: Girls’ Bedroom

Sims 4 Room Build: Girls' Bedroom

Sims 4 Room Build: Girls’ Bedroom. In this video, I’ll build a bedroom for two little girls in real time. If you would like to add this room to your Sims’ house, just search the Sims 4 Gallery…


  1. EJ Session says:

    Another winner Deb. Even though I tend not to make kids rooms. I really
    like yours and you’ve given me some great ideas. Love, love love it!!!

  2. emma iscool says:

    wow, love it!!!!

  3. Simproved says:

    It looks gorgeous! I have build something similar, but i havent found your
    wallpaper. It would look better with your wallpaper… 🙁 But anyway..what
    i wanted to say… It is a super cute room, i like it very much! Thank you

  4. Jack ux says:


  5. Stephanie.R.Bee. says:

    I love your curtain idea! You do such creative things that no one else
    does! Love it!!

  6. Megan Weaver says:

    Love this room build! Love all of your room builds honestly! Hope you are
    doing well! :)

  7. Ash&Jo CrazyWorld says:

    hey simmer deb I like your little girls room build

  8. Zildjean Mendoza says:

    hi i love it!! but how do you move things so smooth!? pls reply.. :)

  9. Ruby S says:

    It looks so cute! Love the curtains behind the bed. The colours are
    awesome. Can’t wait for your next video! :)

  10. Awkwardly Meme says:

    Very pretty! I’m a little jealous I didn’t have this as a room when I was a
    kid lol.

  11. Little Sprite says:

    What a pretty room. Love the colours. Hey I was renovating an in game house
    yesterday and had a stubborn shelving unit that wanted to be dark. So I
    used the trick you showed us about using the pool lights behind and it
    worked like a dream. Thanks so much!

  12. BLACK2003 says:

    It kinda looks like my little sisters room ;)

  13. SimmerDeb says:

    +Megan Weaver There’s no reply button beneath your post, but I just wanted
    to thank you for the awesome comment :)

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